The COMMUNICANT series (below) are individual works on cold and hot pressed papers. Being reactive to changing light, in the tradition of the icon, the works themselves generate light and are constantly changing with their surroundings. The works are made using inks, a variety of interactive pigments and reflective and fluorescent paints. They range in size from 58cm wide by 76cm, to 106cm wide by 150cm.

COME, HOVER, (below) ink, interactive pigments, fluorescent paint, pen and pencil on paper, 106cm wide by 150cm, 2016.


COLLECTIVE SPIRIT, (below and with detail), ink, wine and reflective and interactive pigments on paper, 250cm wide by 150cm, 2012. This drawing is a composite work on paper showing 1450 coloured and reflective haloes; at the time of making it represented the proportion of diverse religions in the world.

...TOUCHING, Station of the Cross 4, (below), ink and interactive pigments on paper, 2016

ATMOSPHERICS: exercises in light and orientation, series, (below), acrylic and gouache on hot pressed paper, size various, 2012