the Metaphysics of Space: Liturgy of the Hours

Through painting light, works painted for the exhibition the Metaphysics of Space aim to suggest an-other space beyond the everyday. The Liturgy of the Hours over-arches two linear series; Inter uses graduated vertical stripes and Passing uses horizontal stripes. When standing before these larger than life works, the vertical stripes connect to the human body and to the way it navigates space, and the horizontal stripes connect the body to the landscape. The palettes of both series are an interpretation of the passages of light experienced during the twenty four hour cycle of liturgies at Jamberoo Abbey in New South Wales.

ABOVE Passing: Coming to Compline, acrylic and pigments on linen, 2385cm wide by 130cm, 2015. The Passing series (IMAGE BELOW) of five uniformly sized paintings, Lauds, Middle hour, Vespers, Coming to Compline and Vigils, progresses through twenty four hours of light to darkness. 

EW_passing works w Ella019 colour.jpg

ABOVE Inter: Lauds 1, acrylic on linen, 130cm wide by 180cm, 2015
Inter: Lauds 1 is the first in the INTER series from the Liturgy of the Hours, the Metaphysics of Space exhibition. It is a collection of eight uniformly sized paintings on linen. (CENTRAL IMAGE) From left to right the series runs: Inter, Lauds 1, Inter: Lauds 2, Inter: Vespers 1, Inter: Vespers 2, Inter: Vespers to Compline 1-3, Inter: Vigils, acrylic and gouache on linen, 130cm wide by 180cm, 2015. 


ABOVE Inter: Vespers 1, acrylic on linen, 130cm wide by 180cm, 2015
Using palettes of warm and cool, the INTER series offers two responses to the light of dawn, Lauds, two responses to the light of sunset, Vespers and a triptych of works, Vespers to Compline 1-3, which describes the journey from exterior to interior and back to external light; and the series ends with Vigils and the experience of the light at dead of night.