BREATHING SPACE: a multi-sensory installation

While immersed in a sound piece by composer Benjamin Drury, in scented atmosphere, the visitor is invited to rest and contemplate accompanied by the suspended work Breathing Space 1: Into the New Creation. On one side, working through the graduated palette of warm-colored skin tones and the metaphor of light, the work seeks to draw you into an open space where the mind can be stilled. On the other side, the physical reality of the wooden crossbars and stretchers can be seen - the skeleton that is holding in place the linen skin. And gently inscribed on certain parts of the raw underbelly of the linen, can be found the names of those who have asked for prayer.
Further prayers, requested during the BREATHING SPACE installation, will be written on the raw linen and become part of the fabric of the work. 

BREATHING SPACE, a multi-senosry installation work. Gallery 2 M16 Artspace, 13-30th April 2017.